This project will bring together the work researchers concerned with the study and editorialpublicizing of a very important source - town books. The project’s foundational aim is to revise the increasingly outdated listing of town books, to expand it to include books from after 1526, and to place the results into a database accessible on line. Today, there is no professional aid that provides a central listing of town books since 1526. The project will develop a database which will provide future generations of archivists and researchers with an aid comparable to the already operating on-line bibliography of old print items. The project will also aim toward realizing LIBRI CIVITATIS, a series of editions of the oldest significant town books. This part of the project will continue the grant project GAČR no. 404040216. At this time, there is no systematically coordinated publication activity that covers the entire area of the Czech Republic and focuses on the analytical study and publication of town books. Editions of town books, arising independently of each other, often do not correspond to the needs of the researcher in that they lack sufficient critical apparatus. This project will attempt to eliminate precisely this deficiency through systematic methodological activity.

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